The Revelation/Apocalypse of John and the Bible explained

The true Interpretation of the Revelation of John and the Bible


Discover the exact truth about the Holy books of God, the Revelation of John and the Bible.

Discover why Christianity, created by our Lord Jesus Christ, will very soon become the global religion of the Earth, as stated in the Apocalypse/Revelation of John Chapter 12 and as it was precisely stated by the Old Hebrew prophecy of the Bible.

Discover why Israel will become a truly blessed nation. Due to the enormous events that will very soon take place, the people of Israel will become Christian and will embrace the Lord Jesus as their true God and Savior.

Discover the New Golden Era of 1,000 literal years which is very soon coming for humanity, where the Earth will become like the Heavens and peace and justice will finally prevail as stated in the Apocalypse/Revelation of John Chapter 11.

But prior to the above magnificent phenomena, the 3rd part of Armageddon(the 3rd World War), will burst producing an unimaginable Holocaust. Abaddon, the Angel of the Abyss, just before chained and casted down to the Abyss where he belongs, will crash the Earth through this horrible War.

After this horrible War, all false religion, like Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism as well as all heresy and false dogma will also be abolished.
Babylon, which is a Symbol of the Christian Catholic Church termed also as "the Beast coming up out of the earth", will be totally destroyed and will cease to exist, as stated exactly in the Apocalypse/Revelation of John Chapter 13 and 18 respectively.
Then, Christianity and the true Christian Church of Jesus, will rule the Earth and Jesus will not come personnaly to rule the Earth as many seem to believe. Instead, it is His true Church that will play this important role.


I repeat again, that the Jews realizing these colossal events just described, will reject their own religion and will embrace the Lord Jesus Christ as their true God and Savior and become Christians, no matter how unbelievable it may sound !!!


 It follows that in this New Golden era of humanity after this horrible War, the expected Antichrist together with the number 666 associated with him, will be totally eradicated from the dictionary of the human race once and for all.
   Also money, as a means of accumulation of wealth in this Golden era, will cease to exist as Isaiah states accurately in Chapter 55 of the Bible.
 Jerusalem and Byzantium(Constantinople) in this Golden era will become the two most important cities on earth of unlimited Christian glory. While the Gospel of Jesus, will spread through the earth like wildfire.
Do you know why all the above described will definitely take place? Because it is the will of Our Lord Jesus to apply Christianity to all nations that will survive this horrible War just described, and thus to make the earth as peacefull and harmonious as the Heavens, as stated in John Chapter 17.







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