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(This Website was created on 20th of December 2016)


The Author, Kostas Tzouvelekis, studied Engineering in England (U.K.) for a number of years. He was awarded the Degree of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Hons in Engineering as well as the Diploma of Higher education (Dip.H.E.) from Oxford Brookes University. Further he enhanced his studies and he was awarded the Degree of Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) from the University of Liverpool also in England (U.K.).


After completing his studies, he returned back to Greece where he served in various Shipyards and Shipping Companies as a Production Engineer, Technical assistant, Superintendent Engineer, D.P.A. (Designated Person Ashore), Safety and Quality Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, Ship Repair Estimator and in the Purchasing Department of Hellenic Shipyards where he is currently employed.


In his continued pursuit of knowledge, and after a tremendous Spiritual event that took place and which turned his life upside down, he discovered with awe enormous fallacies in the official Christian Church’s Interpretation of the Bible/Scripture as well as in various other Interpretations offered by many other good Authors/Scholars dealing with the same issue, and also in the popular Scientific Theories of today, which truly are deeply immersed in an enormous Ocean of delusions, as it is evident throughout the book.


To his great surprise he found out that various Authors/Scholars who have written many things on the subject of Bible and Scripture Interpretation in general and who rather unfortunately have become very famous, are very confused, have been heavily deceived and have enormously misconceived the word of God. While the official Church Interpretation on these very important issues, is so far from the truth as the Sky is from the Earth.


The result of this jargon, is that millions of people who believed in such views, have been much misled that almost all of them now, among other deceits, expect to be “Raptured in heaven by the Lord”. Something truly insane, that will certainly not happen.  


The same holds true for the Scientific firmament. Many Scientific Theories which are extremely popular today such as the Big Bang Theory and many others are full of delusions, misconceptions, arbitrary concepts, absurd ideas and conflicting arguments. And the great irony is that many Scientists believe that through these false and wrong Theories, have explained everything, while the truth is that they have explained nothing, as it is greatly exposed in the book.


In fact, their great achievement is that, they have produced a monstrous distortion of the truth, with no way out, which in a little while will collapse like a tower made out of straws.


What seemed impossible and unbelievable to the Author was the fact that, almost all delusive Scientific and Philosophical Theories as well as almost all false and wrong Bible/Scripture interpretations, have found wide recognition and acceptance by the public.


While the one and only true, unique and actual Bible/Scripture interpretation as well as the true Scientific and Philosophical Theory, which restores the truth with enormous strength and clarity, remains totally unknown to the world, something that the Author considers as inconceivable and totally unacceptable.  


Therefore for these obvious reasons, it was necessary to create the present book and publish it so that the public is informed the truth about these tremendous and absolutely stunning issues.


The book is of priceless value because it took many years of great effort to search, find, gather, verify and to finally put together what you are about to read. The information contained in the book is very rare, indeed, and cannot be found anywhere else, since it belongs to the previous century and to the century before. You will find truths about the Bible, the Revelation of John, and about the great Philosophical and Scientific issues that have puzzled the giant intellects of humanity throughout human history.

(Note :I give you my sincere and honest word that nothing has been fabricated, and all that is stated in the book are facts and events which actually took place, in addition to the tremendous Revelations given by God to Ioannis (John) G. Arnellos. And quite honestly, because I did not believe these issues myself either (since they are so huge), it took me many years to verify them and to ensure that whatever I give to the public, is only the truth and nothing else, for which many people have spoken, but very few are prepared to give, devote and sacrifice their whole life for it.)


The Author’s objective and only concern is to reveal the errors commonly accepted and enormously popular today and to restore the truth, which is the aromatic fragrance of the Breath of God.


From the perspective of God, as revealed through Ioannis (John) G. Arnellos, you will discover a very good reason why this information has remained globally unknown until now. Read the book and discover the proofs of these new interpretations and learn of the Golden and Glorious era that will follow over the whole Earth, after the horrendous and exceedingly severe Third World War (WWIII), which is coming at the speed of light and which rather sadly will wipe out a large part of humanity.


NOTE: The Author is absolutely convinced that the book would become widely known after the unbelievably destructive Third World War (WWIII) which will precede, and which will come extremely soon due to the great sins, iniquities and lawlessness of people and due to the incredibly great idolatry/idol worshipping of our epoch, which is the greatest blasphemy of humanity towards the Creator-God, which preferred to love and embrace the insignificant Creation (in the sense of materialism) as well as money instead of the Super-Perfect Creator-God.


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NOTE: If you like my book and you find it interesting, you can check if you wish my other books which can all be found on Amazon, in Paperback and Kindle form, as follows:


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