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 "This book confronts Einstein and contemporary thinkers" 

- Amazon Review

 "Be prepared to have your most sacred beliefs attacked!"

- Amazon Review

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Title: The True Interpretation of the Revelation of John and the Bible

Author: Kostas Tzouvelekis

Originally published as a Physical book in 2012 by: Advocate House,

An imprint of Acapella Publishing, Sarasota, FL

ISBN: 978-0-9846177-4-6

Reviewed by: Jodi Grant

This Website was created on the 20th of December 2016






In an exhaustive treatise on beliefs of Christianity, Philosophy and Science, the Author refutes commonly held but very false and wrong Theories such as the famous Big Bang Theory, Inflation Theory, Quantum Theory, Hyperspace Theory, Black Hole Theory etc… and Biblical interpretations concerning the false personal return of Christ to Earth, the falsely anticipated Rapture, the false 7 year Tribulation and the false expectation of the Antichrist.


Basing his work on recent revelations about the meaning of The Revelation of John, the Author predicts a devastating World War III, followed by a literal thousand year era of peace, incredible prosperity unknown to mankind and the ruling of the Earth by the true Christian Church. He reinterprets many of the translation errors in the King James Version of the Bible, and offers the Prophetic interpretations of Ioannis (John) G. Arnellos (the true Elias-see next pages).


The Mystery of God” as stated in Chapter 10 verse 7 in the Revelation of John, is that the kingdom of the World will soon become the kingdom of Our Lord and of His Christ. After the 3rd part of Armageddon (World War III), Christianity will become the global Religion of the whole Earth, with all other pseudo-Religions being abolished and with the Jews recognizing the Lord Jesus Christ as their true Messiah and Savior. They will put aside their own Religion and become Christians, states the Author; no matter how unbelievable this may sound.


But before this incredible event takes place, another enormous event will precede: the Unification of the Christian Churches which are now divided.


Within the Revelation of John, God Himself has given some extremely important verses which could only be interpreted by him who was destined and prepared by God to do so, at a specific time. God has pronounced the “who and when”, indicating the one and only true interpretation not only of the Revelation of John but also of the Bible, which the Author puts forth in this exhaustive study.


Whether you accept the Author’s views or not, you are in for an exciting journey, examining and either rejecting or reaffirming your basic beliefs about God, the Universe, Earth, Humanity, Science, Philosophy and Religion of the future.


The true Interpretation of the Revelation of John and the Bible is available at various bookstores such as Amazon (in Paperback and in Kindle form) and similarly in Barnes and Noble, as well as in other famous bookstores. An EBook version of the book is available for purchase on this website.


NOTE: the book was awarded the best in its category distinction for 2013 in the Digital Bear Book Awards, and the Finalist distinction for 2013 in the International Book Awards. It is all on the Internet so that anybody can check this, for the truth of the matter.

AYTO EINAI TO SOSTO cover (1)-page-001.j
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